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This is an
aspirational tortoise.

His (or her) reason for being here will make more sense if you keep reading.


Ever hear that one about the tortoise and the hare?

Remember that story where the tortoise outruns the hare because the hare sprints off and burns itself out and the tortoise sets a steady pace and wins the race? Seriously, in the story of the tortoise and the hare, how can the hare not be the #hustle?

At Growthology Labs we are focused on making the world of entrepreneurship a little more digestible and sustainable. We believe, if done well, entrepreneurship is its own self-development program. If done poorly, well, it’s only your sanity you have to lose.

Principle 1: Be imaginative. We believe, sometimes you have to look at it with your imagination, instead of your eyes. It is important to build skills in being both resourceful and solving problems with your imagination. If you are set out to grow your ideas then you will need to practice this principle.

Principle 2: Stay healthy. Entrepreneurs have about 99 problems and their mental health shouldn’t be one of them. With all the #hustle and #grind going around it’s no wonder your brain can feel like it’s been through a cheese grater at the end of the week. This principle is based on the belief that a business cannot be sustainable if the people running it are putting their health at risk.

Principle 3: Have fun! This principle is based on two things. First, we figure one day we are all going to die to someday and life is for the living. Secondly, while It’s important to leave the world a better place than how you’ve found it, it’s also important to have a little fun while you’re alive.




It all started when…

The founder of this movement realized she’d been spending at least 3 years drinking the #hustle poo-laid and her primary reward was psychological burnout, unhealthy boundaries and pinch of debt. That’s when she tried something radical. She dumped hustle and embraced harmony. Yes, she still works hard but because she pursues things that interest and obsess her. However, she maintains healthy boundaries and her business has grown at a steady and sustainable pace since making the shift.

From the ashes came the lessons…

Of course there’s always something to be learned from making a few mistakes and those lessons were that someone should say something about how much toxic bullshirt is sold to aspirational entrepreneurs.

And from it, a manifesto…

I support healthy entrepreneurship...
I denounce celebritizing ‘busy’ and
I recognize there is no silver bullet

I want to…
Build genuine relationships,
End the smoke + mirrors,
Increase transparency, and
Create solutions to problems.

I choose…
Positivity over toxicity,
Productivity over the glamour,
Proactivity over reactivity,
Passion over trends, and
Persistence over hustle.


Intrigued, and want us to keep this racket up?

If you like what we’re laying down feel free to toss us some money to support our awareness-through-comedy strategy.



If you’re still here and want to know about the people behind the brand, then you’re in luck! There were no bots involved with the making of this project.

This is Amy. Growthology Lab is the result of both her pain and suffering, as well as the fact that she had purchased the domain about a year ago and it was too good to let it sit in domain purgatory. That would be irresponsible domain hoarding.


Amy felt there was a lot of opportunity to turn entrepreneur culture into cartoons. There’s endless opportunities for humor and it is way too much fun to bring them to life. She runs her consulting business full-time so she knew the best way to make sure this project saw the light of day was to collaborate with someone else. That’s why she sought help from a talented artist to make this idea a reality.


The artist's name is Atif, and he is a brilliant talent who lives in Marrakech. Amy sends him rough ideas for the cartoons and he does the character design and illustrations. He passes them back and she colorizes and fine tunes the dialogue for the final product. He's helped capture the emotions and situations terrifically!

You can follow Atif on Instagram if you want to keep up with some of his other work.

The cartoons can be enjoyed as standalone images but if you want to understand the reason behind each they will be posted with a write-up on why we are poking fun of each topic.