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The Unsung Ghost Writer

Let’s talk authority. Building brand authority in the age of the internet can be overwhelming. Chances are, as your business becomes more demanding you will begin to have less and less time to create content. A common practice, and natural step, is to hire someone to help you create that content. Ghostwriters are exactly what they sound like. They are in the background, unseen like ghosts, but are often the ones creating the bulk of content you might know someone for. This is fine as long as they aren’t doing the heavy lifting when it comes to understanding what the “hero” is building authority on. All too often…

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The Target Customer

You should have a target customer. In fact, I fully believe you should pretend your target customer is an actual person. This is called a customer avatar, which is basically an imaginary friend for your business. Like an imaginary friend, you should understand what your avatar likes, dislikes, what motivates them, and what they need. Every time you draft a marketing message you should be able to pretend you’re talking directly to your avatar. This will allow your dialogue with your actual customers to feel authentic and human.You are doing it wrong if you draft a piece of communication that makes your customer feel like you are performing target practice on them...

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