The Joy of Business


Owning your own business has underwent a glorification process with the rise of Silicon Valley, founders too, can rise to having celebrity fame that use to be reserved for Hollywood and athletes. With this there has been more interest in starting a company than before. People want the glory. Unfortunately, running a business isn’t really about the glory during your daily activities and you may find that some tasks do not bring you the famed “joy” of being a founder.

What is important to understand is this. Can you find meaning in your work when you know what your goals and mission are for your business? Even if you are not happy about performing things like administrative tasks or managing scaled operations with technical backends do those tasks lead to a result that brings you meaning and joy?

The second thing to understand is that if you are in it for the glory you may end up susceptible to spinning your wheels or failed project after failed project. When you are choosing your daily activities by what will feel most “glorious” over what will move you forward to your ultimate goals you frequently end up either burning the candle at both ends or getting nothing accomplished at all.

Finally, the third item is to know the difference between a task that is necessary, but equally un-sexy or boring, and a task that is rooted in toxicity and causing your pain on a fundamental human level.


Amy Gehling