The Website Launch


For one website does not make a startup successful.

Websites are great tools but they are not the end all be all metric of success for your business. They’re more like an online brochure telling someone about your business with a few added bonuses that the digital age has brought us. (Note this is referring to startups outside of the e-commerce world). Luckily, for us, creating and building websites has never been easier or cheaper for startups. As long as we aren’t looking for custom functionality we can throw one up on a platform like Squarespace in a day.

We should be careful to not weigh the website for more than it is worth. It can be sort of a false confidence that you are making progress in your business if you use it as a marker for progress but it doesn’t actually help you accomplish your goals.

In the end, for a startup, the most important thing about a website is about whether it helps you get customers. Following along on those lines, your website should be a tool that helps you do (at least) these three things, and a bonus:

  1. Inform potential customers about what you do.

  2. Collect leads.

  3. Provide a way for customers to contact you.
    Bonus: If appropriate for your business, it should make sales for you.

Amy Gehling