Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights


If you like the comics and want us to continue making them, then buy this digital download that doesn't really mean anything. Except you can post it on social media to spread the word and we will use the money to keep making cartoons.

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What is the #dumpthehustle Manifesto? Well, really it is why we are using silly cartoons to poke at a culture of entrepreneurship that tends to be a bit outrageous. Through celebrating entrepreneurship we’ve picked up a bit of nasty toxicity on the way. The kind that deprives entrepreneurs of sleep in exchange for glorification of being busy while dismissing real traction and persistent productivity and proactivity. By giving us $5 you are supporting our efforts to call attention to the ridiculous so we can move on with the meaningful.

Our working manifesto:

I pledge to #dumpthehustle because…
I support healthy entrepreneurship...
I denounce celebritizing ‘busy’ and
I recognize there is no silver bullet

I want to…
Build genuine relationships,
End the smoke + mirrors,
Increase transparency, and
Create solutions to problems

I choose…
Positivity over toxicity,
Productivity over the glamour,
Proactivity over reactivity,
Passion over trends, and
Persistence over hustle.